Wooden Horse Sculpture #1/3

Wooden Horse Sculpture #1/3 - (Item #644)

Number one of three similar vintage Danish Modern styled wooden horse sculptures. This one in a dark (probably walnut) wood. The horse is comprised of fifteen (15) separate nicely carved and well finished pieces of wood. The wood is up to 3/4-in thick. Each is screw mounted through a plywood backing covered in a dark brown velvet fabric. The whole thing comes in a matching very well crafted solid wood frame.
Dimensions: 30.5-ins wide by 24.5-ins high
Condition: Very good original condition - minor scuffs to chest and main body pieces
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Wooden Horse Sculpture #1/3
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Wooden Horse Sculpture #1/3 Wooden Horse Sculpture #1/3 Wooden Horse Sculpture #1/3 Wooden Horse Sculpture #1/3